Minor Works.

A brief outline of what is involved.

Stage1 (Inception & Feasibility.)
We meet you on site to discuss what you intend to do. This service FREE WITHOUT OBLIGATION. Being in your building or on your site enables us to advise you of the potential problems (if any), and perhaps put forward other options. This consultation is of fundamental importance and it is FREE so why not phone us.
  • We have to visit your building to know how it is constructed, the ground conditions and drainage. It is to assess any problems that may arise such as overhead cables, access problems or signs of rot etc. We fail to see how anyone can produce drawings, without first visiting the site, but some do! 

Stage 2 (Survey and measure.)
We follow up on the initial consultation. We measure your building, and take whatever photographs we consider necessary. The reason is:
  • We are more likely, than you, to do it properly.
  • It is our responsibility, not yours.
Some advertise a service where you measure your own building, sketch out what you want on graph paper, take  photographs, and forward then on to them so they can produce the drawings. (There are times when words fail me, I have no idea why anyone would agree to employing such people.)

Stage 3 (Outline & Sketch Design.)
We produce drawings for your approval. We discuss them with you, and incorporate any amendments you desire. Should other professionals be required we will advise at this early stage. We coordinate the design team. The need for other professionals is more common on larger projects. Occasionally on smaller projects it may be necessary to also employ, say, a Structural Engineer if there are major structural problems.

Stage 4 (Context reports.)
Produce a context report. The work involved in this varies with each project.
(Usually applicable for larger developments, housing projects, commercial work, but may be necessary in areas of special control such as conservation areas.)

Stage 5 (Planning Application.)
We prepare the final drawings for your planning application.We lodge your planning application upon receipt of both:
  •  our fees due to date, and; 
  • a cheque to pay the Planning Service their fee, which is currently £267 for most house extensions.
We charge no extra fees for handling your planning application. It is part of the service we offer.

All planning applications go through a fixed process. They are first validated, then advertised in the local papers. Your neighbours are notified, and should they wish, given time to lodge objection. The process takes time, typically about 3 months for minor applications.

Any queries will come to us. Occasionally the Planning Service may require, tree surveys, flood risk appraisal, acoustic appraisals, survey of badgers or bats, traffic surveys and so on. This is more common on larger projects. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict what may be required. This work is extra, and usually involves employing an expert in that specific field. Very occasionally,  the Planning Service can ask for proof that you own and control all necessary land. This request usually arises if there is a disputed boundary. We may need a copy of your deeds.

We will inform you of the Planning decision when we receive it.

Stage 6 (Building Control Application)
If your decide to proceed we will produce a set of working drawings.If other professionals such as a Structural Engineer are necessary they will agree their fees directly with you.

We will calculate the Building Control Plan Fee that you pay directly to the Council so they process the application. We will lodge the Building Control Application when we receive;
  • a cheque made payable to your Council, and;
  • payment of our fees for producing working drawings.
Building Control will check the drawings and calculations. The time taken varies, and can be anything from a matter of weeks to several months. Many clients lodge their Planning and Building Control applications at the same time to speed the process up. There is some risk in this, but on small works it is slight. Any queries Building Control may have will come to us, and we will address them. This is part of our service, and is included in our fee.

When you receive Building Control Approval you can proceed to build. Building Control will then charge you a further inspection fee. It is approximately 3 times the plan fee. These fees are mandatory. Most Council Building Control Departments provide a good, practical service that helps maintain building standards. They curb the worst excesses of most cowboy builders.

Stage 7 (Tender documents & tendering)
Should you require, we can compile tender documents, and obtain tenders . On most minor works projects our clients obtain prices from contractors themselves.

Stage 8
(On site)
Should you wish we can monitor the work during construction, and issue interim valuations for the work done. Most clients on smaller schemes rely on the reputation of the builder, and Building Control to ensure an adequate build standard. It saves costs. If something does go wrong we are only a phone call away. Our clients can phone us at any time.

Stage 9
(Certify payments)
If required we can certify completion to your Bank or Building Society. We only do this if we;
  • have monitored the work during construction, and;
  • produced the drawings, and obtained the approvals.

Stage 10
Enjoy your building.
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