Fees for extensions to dwellings.

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Costs vary from project to project and on client needs.  Whilst most are straightforward, and of limited size, others involve rebuilding the house, and adding on substantial areas. Some projects are in Conservation Areas or areas of special control. Also the services each client requires can vary. The time it takes to produce drawings  depends on;
  • the size of the house. It takes longer to measure, and draw a large house;
  • the complexity of design required;
  • the ground conditions, and the construction of the existing building and extension.
  • other local conditions and restraints, such as tree preservation orders etc.
House Extension Bangor North Down

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A planning application requires;

  • Your house measured.
  • Plans and elevations of the existing house.
  • Plans, elevations and sections of the house with the proposed extension and alterations.
  • Some applications require a context report.
  • Application forms.

(There are other reports that the Planning Service may require.)

House extension Antrim Newtownabbey Antrim

Building Control application requires the following;

  • Working drawings showing the existing and proposed plans, elevations and sections.
  • Detailed construction drawings.
  • Structural calculations.
  • Application forms & possibly an estimate of construction costs.

House Extension Greenisland Newtownabbey Antrim

To obtain comparable tenders you may require;

  • Drawings as approved by Building Control.
  • Schedules of finishes.
  • Indication of services required, number of socket outlets, lights, radiators etc.
  • Fixed allowances for fixtures and fittings.

Possibly also;

  • A schedule of works itemising the work to be done.
  • A form of tender and contract.
House extension Crumlin Antrim

Beware of some builders, who offer free drawings in an all inclusive service. The cost of the design is transferred to the building cost, and the designer works for the builder, not you!

Spending money on proper drawings and obtaining tenders from builders can reduce your overall costs. The bulk of the cost is in the building work. An extension may cost £30,000 - £50,000 and the design and drawings less than £1,000.  Having an independent Architect working for you is important.

If you wish to to save money you need to ensure that you are obtaining competitive tenders.

     Our fees and do not include the following;
  1. Planning Fees. Charged by the D.O.E. when you lodge a Planning Application. These are currently £281.
  2. Building Control Plan fees. Charged by the Council when you lodge a Building Control Application. (Approx. £60 - £150.)
  3. A digital Ordnance Survey Map. Currently they cost £36.90.
  4. Any prints. We set up an account for you with a copy shop. They charge you £1.20 for each A1 print. 
  5. Structural calculations. If the structural work is complex you will need to engage a Structural Engineer. We will advise you. 
    We will calculate any straight forward structural beams and posts. We charge £20 for each beam calculation.

  6. A basic low cost service, does not include for detailed interior design, walk through and fly over visualisations, and other presentation orientated material, which most people do not require.
  7. Drawings are labour intensive to produce. Take whatever time necessary to decide exactly what you want at the design stage. We don't charge for altering and amending the sketch designs. It is a necessary part of the service we offer. However, once the working drawings are produced, and applications lodged, the time it takes to change a project can be considerable. It can also be disruptive to other people’s work. Such nugatory work will be charged on a time basis. Please take whatever time necessary at the outline design stage, we do not pressure you in any way to proceed.
  8. Our fees do not include for employing other professionals such as Structural Engineers, or Health and Safety Coordinators.