Architect - House Extension Belfast-Newtownabbey-Castlereagh.

Do you need an affordable Architect to draw plans for a house extension in Belfast, Castlereagh, Newtownabbey, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Templepatrick or Glengormley?

We offer a quality service at a price you can afford. Below are typical working drawings for a house extensions. Be it a kitchen extension or attic conversions the drawings need to be thoroughly detailed to obtain a proper builder's quote. The Architectural Service we offer is affordable, competitive and tailored to suit your budget. If you live in Belfast, Castlereagh or Newtownabbey do phone us.

These are the working drawings of a two storey, house extension and garage with room above. We are competitive and thorough.  The better the drawings the less likely you are to have claims for extras.

If you want to keep costs down it is essential to obtain competitive tenders from Builders. For this you need a good set of drawings. Obviously it also helps if you employ an Architect independent of any Builder.

We can also produce tender and contract documents, obtain tenders and monitor the work during construction.

Architect Belfast to draw House Extension Belfast

To keep costs down you need to;
  1. Obtain proper drawings and tender documents.
  2. Allow reasonable working conditions & time to build.
  3. Obtain competitive tenders.
  4. Obtain a detailed breakdown of the lowest tender.
  5. Keep any alterations to the existing building as simple as possible. Avoid complex structural work.
  6. Have a clear idea of what you want before you employ a builder.
  7. Avoid late changes and alterations. 
  8. Decide on finishes and suppliers before you obtain tenders.
  9. Employ a reputable builder.
At least 95% of your costs will be in the building work. Saving a few hundred on the drawings could cost you thousands on the build cost.
Affordable Architect Newtownabbey to draw House Extension Newtownabbey
Affordable Architect Glengormley to draw House Extension Glengormley
Affordable Architect Castlereagh to draw House Extension Castlereagh
Affordable Architect in Belfast House Extension in Belfast
Affordable Architect in Newtownabbey to draw House Extension in Newtownabbey

If you require any of the following then do contact us.

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