Drawings, tender documents & contracts

Do thorough working drawings matter?

Yes of course they do. The less that is on the drawings the greater the likelihood of claims for extras! Saving money on the drawings can cost you more in the end run.

A comprehensive set of drawings is essential.
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Do tender documents matter?

Not everything that you need is written on the drawings. It can't be. The drawings do not tell you;
  • anything about the contract;
  • when a builder is to be paid;
  • how much the builder is to be paid;
  • the duration of the contract;
  • the defects period and the amount of any retentions;
  • the type of door handles;
  • how much is allowed for bathroom fittings;
  • what are the finishes;
  • does the Contractor paint, or do you? 
To avoid confusion these items must be included in the tender documents or they may not be included in the tender price given by the builder.

A typical set of contract documents includes;
  1. A set of drawings;
  2. A specification;
  3. A schedule of works or on larger projects Bills of Quantities;
  4. A contract;
  5. A form of tender.
On most small works clients usually obtain tenders using only a set of drawings. This is to keep costs down. However care needs to be exercises to ensure that all contractors are pricing for the same finish, the same scope of work, and are allowing the same amount for kitchens, tiles, bathrooms etc. If you do not set these figures the tenders you receive may be difficult to compare. In such circumstances the lowest tender may well be the most expensive, for you may not know what each Contractor has included in his tender.

If you are only using the drawings to obtain tenders then it is essential that the drawings are detailed and contain additional information not normally included on working drawings.
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What are Contract Documents?

They usually include;
  1. A set of drawings;
  2. A priced schedule of works, or Bills of Quantities;
  3. A written contract.
These are signed by the Contractor and the Employer (you).

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