Building Control Fees in Northern Ireland.

Building Control is run by the Council. They checks that the drawings submitted comply with the Building Regulations. Building Control staff also periodically visit the site during construction. They help ensure a good standard of the construction.

For this service you pay two fees to the Council. The first is the Plan Fee. This is paid when the plans are lodged. The second is the inspection fee, and this is paid when you start construction.

In addition to the figures below you may have to add additional fees for alterations to the existing building. The fees payable on this work are charged on an estimate of the cost of the work. For alterations costing £10,000  the Plan Fee is £50 and the Inspection Fee £150. For alterations costing £20,000 the figures are £75 and £225.

   Commercial Projects.

   Fees on commercial projects are based on an estimate of the construction cost.

   Domestic Work.      
      Plan Fee Inspection Fee
   New Dwelling.  Less than 250m2

 £90  £210
     Greater than 250m2
charged on estimate of cost to build

   Garage attached to house.
 less than 40m2  nil

     over 40m2  £84

   Carport.  less than 40m2  nil

     over 40m2  £84

   Domestic Porch. Between 5-40m2  £50

     Between 40-60m2  £60

   Extension of Dwelling.  Less than 20m2  £120

     Between 20-40m2  £60

     Between 40-60m2  £72

   Roofspace Conversion.    £72

  Unvented Hot Water System.    £60   included

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