Before you start building work.

Make sure that you have all the necessary and relevant approvals and agreements in place.

Your may need

  • Full Planning Approval.
  • Building Control Approval.
  • Discharge Consent.
  • Road adoption agreements.
  • Agreements about rights of way or visibility splays.
  • Listed Building Consent.
  • Agreement from the  Rivers Agency.
Each project is different, but ensure that all approvals are in place before you start construction. Proceeding without approval is always a risk.

In England and Wales you need to comply with the Party Wall Act of 1996. In Northern Ireland if you are working close to a party wall, or a boundary, it is good practice to notify your neighbour in advance, and get their agreement. Take photographs of any party walls prior to construction.

It is also advisable to have agreements in place for the installation of electricity, water, gas and all other services prior to construction.

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The role of Building Control during construction.

Building Control do not offer a quality control service. They are there to ensure that the work conforms to the Building regulations. The quality of finish is of little interest to them. It is your responsibility, or your Architects responsibility to check the quality of finish. Do not expect Building Control to do this for you.

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Changing the design.

The time to change the design is when the drawings are being produced, not when the building is being constructed.

Changes in the design during construction will tend to cause delay. They may also involve additional cost. They will cause disruption to the Builder, and your Architect. This will add to your costs. You may need to reapply for Building Control and Planning Approval, and you may invalidate other agreements. 

Be very clear about what you want to build before you start construction.