General comment.

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Architects fees are negotiated for each project. The reasons for this are:
  • Much depends on the site and physical constraints.
  • The site may be in an area of special control, such as Conservation Areas, or be work to a Listed Building.
  • It depends on what services you require. Some clients only require Planning and Building Control Approvals and drawings. Other clients employ us to produce tender documents and monitor work on site. Others may require visualisations. The fees we charge very much depends on what you require.
On another page we have outlined in detail the likely fees for minor works such as extensions to houses.

We only charge for work done. We do not expect you to pay us a retainer, nor do we charge fees in advance. Fees will be due at stages agreed with you.

The fees for producing drawings for dwellings and obtain Planning and Building Control approval are charged on an agreed rate per square foot. This normally varies between 50p to £2.50. It depends on the complexity of the project, the number of houses involved, and the number of house types.

A single house may be a normal dwelling, or a complex built into the side of a hill. The requirement may be an energy efficient, or zero carbon house. The fee charged reflects the complexity of the project.

Project Management and Certification for Self Build Mortgages are charged on an agreed lump sum. We only carry out this work on projects where we;
  • have produced the drawings and obtained the approvals;
  • known by reputation the person who did;
  • know the proposed builder.
Many other professionals have a similar policy. Trying to manage a project with a poor set of drawings, and a dubious contractor is simply not worth the time involved. It could also involve exposing ourselves, and our clients, to unnecessary risk. Bear this in mind when you commission someone to produce drawings. Many who provide this service are not properly qualified, do not carry adequate (or any) insurance, and therefore cannot certify the work. Ask them if they can certify the work during construction before you agree to employ them.

Large Projects.
On large projects, such as office and retail developments, church and community projects, hotels, guest houses, and industrial units the fees are based on a percentage of the contract sum.

Legal Work.
License applications and other Court related work is charged on a time basis.


The above are our fees and do not include the following;
  1. Planning Fees charged by the Planning Service when we lodge your Planning Application.
  2. Building Control Plan fees. These fees are charged by the council when we lodge a Building Control Application. They vary and increase with the size of the project.
  3. A digital Ordnance Survey Map. Currently they cost £36.90.
  4. Any prints. We set up an account for you with a copy shop. They currently charge £1 for each print A1 print. 
  5. Structural calculations. We will calculate simple structural beams and posts. We charge £20 for each beam calculation. If the structural work is complex you will need to engage a Structural Engineer. We will advise you.

  6. It is important that you take time at the design stage to decide on the extent of the final project. We don't charge for altering and amending the sketch designs. It is a necessary part of the service we offer. Once the working drawings are produced, and applications lodged, then the time involved in altering a project can be considerable. Late changes of brief involving altering drawings, resubmitting applications, and other nugatory work will be charged on a time basis. Please take what ever time is necessary at the outline design stage, we do not pressure you in any way to proceed.
  7. On larger projects you will need a design team. Typically that will include a Structural Engineer, Services Engineers, a Health and Safety Officer and a Quantity Surveyor. In addition you may need a surveying company to accurately survey the site. A whole myriad of possible specialists may become necessary when the Planning Application is being processed. These can be to survey for badgers, newts or bats, or they could be traffic and acoustic consultants. It varies with the type of project and location of the site, On completion you may need to test the thermal properties of the building, as built, and obtain a certificate. You may also wish to employ an interior designer. We can obtain quotes for these services, but their contract is always with you.